What Others Have to Say About TUMI-LA


Dr. Joe Hellerman,

The Urban Ministry Institute is a high quality academic experience designed to equip inner-city pastors and church planters to minister with wisdom, skill, and compassion among the urban poor. I am honored to be a part of what TUMI is doing in Los Angeles and around the world.

~ Dr. Joe Hellerman, Professor of New Testament Theology and Literature at Talbot School of Theology

Dr. David Timms,

The Urban Ministry Institute has an impressive and well-articulated vision to reach the urban poor for Christ. TUMI's curriculum and personnel have strategic Kingdom significance.

~ Dr. David Timms, Associate Professor of Bible and Theology at William Jessup University

John, TUMI Student

TUMI has a wealth of information and expertise to share with growing urban leaders like me. They have embraced the Great Commission with great soberness and significance as they seek to build, strengthen, and equip leaders for the work of the Kingdom. TUMI is an institution of leadership development that's transforming urban communities across the world. I'm grateful to be a part of what's happening here!

~ John, TUMI student

TUMI helps its students - especially me! I've grown so much since enrolling in TUMI. With every course I take, I understand more clearly the true meaning of what I read in the Bible. My eyes have been opened!

~ Evelyn, TUMI student

Evelyn, TUMI Student

My eyes have been opened through what I've learned; now I feel that no one will be able to divert me from God's truth!

~ James, TUMI student

James, TUMI Student

Robert, TUMI Student

TUMI has been very helpful in teaching me basic doctrines of the Bible. I've learned so much about God, and these classes have brought me into a closer relationship with Him.

~ Robert, TUMI student

T’Essa, TUMI Graduate

TUMI has provided me with the knowledge I need to deepen my understanding of God's Word. These classes equip all students with in-depth information that will guide each one of us in our walk with Christ.

~ T'Essa, TUMI graduate

TUMI Student

TUMI has allowed me to digest and present Scripture in a more understandable and meaningful way. I've learned many things while studying at TUMI, but more importantly, I've learned to share what I know with others in a clear and precise way. Concepts presented in the curriculum have caused me to put deep thought and careful consideration to understanding the fullness of who God is. TUMI classes and the dedication of our instructors have been a great aid in my walk with God and in my ministry. I appreciate all the effor that has gone forth to make this great resource available to me.

~ Oscar, TUMI student

Raquel, TUMI Student

I've never felt comfortable talking to people about God because my knowledge of Scripture was limited to the basics. But after taking my first TUMI class, I already feel more confident about my faith and have shared what I'm learning with my friends and co-workers. This is very exciting to me! I would love to be able to minister to people in the same way that TUMI has ministered to me.

~ Raquel, TUMI student

Frank, TUMI Student

TUMI is extremely helpful for students who have a desire to study the Bible. With the Holy Scriptures as the principle foundation, TUMI presents a curriculum rich in Christian doctrine - encouraging students to embrace the Great Commission.

~ Frank, TUMI student

Robert, TUMI Student

TUMI is very practical. I've been able to directly apply the lessons I learn each week to the way I live my everyday life. TUMI instructors express genuine concern in making sure I'm learning what's being taught.

~ Robert, TUMI student

Barbara, TUMI Graduate

At TUMI we're being taught the truth and equipped to go out into the world and tell those who are lost about the good news of Jesus.

~ Barbara, TUMI graduate

Pastor Derric, TUMI Student

Although I just recently began my training at TUMI, I already feel like it's broadened by knowledge of God's Word. When I began serving as a Pastor and started doing ministry, I did so with very little formal training and having never attended seminary. When I learned of TUMI and was given the opportunity to attend, I jumped at it! The one thing I love about TUMI is the Capstone Curriculum. I've commented many times during our discussions in class on my appreciation for such an in-depth and well-written curriculum. TUMI's curriculum does a remarkable job of presenting all the views held on a certain subject and the reasoning behind these views (without trying to persuade you toward a particular belief). In doing so, they also present the view that holds closest to the Scriptures in proper context. They stick to what is written - what has always been taught and believed at all times. I look forward to continuing and finishing all 16 modules. TUMI is equipping leaders to make an everlasting impact in urban communities and abroad.

~ Pastor Derric, TUMI student

Jerry, TUMI Graduate

At first I started taking classes at TUMI just to see what they were like - mostly for my own personal growth. But I was amazed by all that I've learned. These classes have taught me to pray in a deeper and more effective way; they've strengthened my personal relationship with the Lord; they've challenged my perspective about serving others; they've given me a greater respect for my fellow students. There has never been a period in my life, as a Christian, where I've experienced this measure of growth!

~ Jerry, TUMI graduate

Roxanne, TUMI Student

It's a great benefit to me and my community to have access to TUMI!

~ Roxanne, TUMI student

George, TUMI Student

TUMI has taught me how to properly defend the truth of the Bible.

~ George, TUMI student

TUMI Student

Through TUMI I've learned how to study the Word of God properly. The Bible has become, for me, a great adventure as I apply it to my life each and every day.

~ Lisa, TUMI student