It is our strong desire to keep our theological education affordable and accessible to every person desiring to be trained and equipped for leadership and ministry for God's Kingdom. Scholarships are provided as a service to low-income students to help subsidize their on-going theological education
with TUMI-LA.

Scholarship Eligibility

To be eligible to receive a student scholarship, a student is required to complete all Scholarship Application Requirements, showing proper evidence or sufficient explanation of his or her current financial need.

Each scholarship application submitted by a student must be approved by TUMI-LA. Each application will be reviewed by a committee and then approved or disapproved depending upon available scholarship funds and the financial/circumstantial need of the student.

The scholarship application must be submitted by the student prior to the start of the quarter in which the student wishes to enroll for classes in a given academic calendar year. If an application is received mid-quarter, any scholarship money awarded will become available the following quarter after he or she applies.

Scholarships are renewable each quarter as long as financial need exists, the student keeps his or her grades in good standing, and terms of the scholarship contract agreement are followed. A student must complete a minimum of one TUMI class per academic calendar year (and receive a letter grade of "B" or higher) to keep his or her scholarship active. If this requirement is not met, the scholarship contract will be terminated and the student will need to reapply for financial assistance.

The number and amount of student scholarships awarded to eligible students each academic quarter are limited; therefore, scholarship funds are distributed on a first come first served basis according to available funds.

As of July 1, 2016, the maximum scholarship amount awarded to an approved, first-time applicant will be a half-scholarship. If after the first year of enrollment at TUMI, further financial assistance is needed, the student applicant is invited to reapply for additional funds as they become available. Under special circumstances, exceptions may be granted as determined by TUMI-LA staff members.

Scholarship Categories

Full Scholarship - Covers 100% of the tuition cost

Half Scholarship - Covers 50% of the tuition cost

Marriage Scholarship - Married students taking the same TUMI class together - $150 total (credit/audit combo - $125, audit/audit combo - $100)

WI Associate Scholarship - Covers 50% of the tuition cost

TUMI-LA Mentor/Spouse Scholarship - Covers 100% of the tuition cost

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