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Dr. Bob Lay, Dean.

Robert F. Lay (“Dr. Bob”) was installed as Dean of TUMI-L.A. in June of 2011 after serving for fifteen years as Professor in the Dept. of Biblical Studies, Christian Ministry, and Philosophy at Taylor University in Indiana. Before that he was Assistant Professor of Religion at Northwestern College of Iowa (1990 to 1995), and from 1980 to 1986 he served as Director of Christian Education for St. Giles Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. Dr. Bob earned a doctoral degree in Practical Theology from Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, Virginia, an M.A. in Old Testament Studies from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, and an M.Ed. from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where he also earned a B.A. in the Social Sciences. He is the author of “The Ancient Witnesses, A Journey to Discover our Sacred Roots” (TUMI, 2019); “Readings in Historical Theology” (Kregel, 2009); “Lessons of Infinite Advantage: William Taylor's California Experiences” (Scarecrow Press, 2010), and a number of scholarly articles, some of which appear in the “Encyclopedia of Religion in America” (CQ Press, 2011) and “The Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization” (While-Blackwell, 2011).

Office Phone: (323) 735-3400 x372
Missionary Webpage: The Lays

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Doug Peters, Site Coordinator.

Doug, originally from Canada, joined staff in 1990. He ministered in Watts about 9 years before getting married to Cynthia. They met through the ministry as she was a volunteer while attending Biola University and they got married in 1999 and continued ministering in Watts together.

After ministering a total of 15 years in Watts they moved closer to downtown Los Angeles and the World Impact National office. They are now serving the ministry administratively. Doug is serving as TUMI-LA Administrator. Cynthia is a full-time mom to their three children, and she is also homeschooling the youngest one. Their two oldest are attending a local charter high school. Cynthia is the West Region prayer coordinator and enjoys being at home so that she can be available for ministry with our neighbors.

Office Phone: (323) 735-3400 x350
Missionary Webpage: The Peters